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Wyngling Thirtee :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 5 3 1: Bagel :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 3 2 OC Spectrum Meme pt 2 :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 2 4 Eyess :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 6 5 Bootleg Crew :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 3 1 pshaw :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 3 1 what are titles :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 4 1 Birthday Gift for Cyber :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 5 2 oCeaN-MaN :Shitpost: :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 2 1 OC Spectrum Meme pt 1 :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 3 4 SUPERCODPLAYER1995 IS THE BEST :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 2 1 A bus window makes a bad canvas :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 3 4 Magic (??) Animation :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 3 1 First Marker Usage :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 3 3 Non-Stop JUSTICE animatic :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 4 2 Fahrenheit 451 Comic :iconyiloisepiraya:YiloisePiraya 3 2


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
yo yo it's yilo. i'm incredibly queer on all fronts; gender, sexuality, personality// asexual .. demiromantic?? .. nonbinary. I leave everything to the last minute and never take my physical or mental health into account when doing anything. I snort tea and huff memes. my current home is nestled deep in a crater on an unnamed planet in space somewhere.
contacts: literally look up yiloise piraya or some iteration of that up on any plausible website and you'll find me.
commisons: closed
requests: open
art trades: open
fanart: is this even up for debate like i love art of myself or my edgy af ocs m'kay
any questions about me or any of my characters, don't hesitate to ask.

Free Visitor Maps at


Wyngling Thirtee
oops I caved. anyway this is a wyngro version of thirtee (which will help me develop his character I swear)

Name: Thirtee
Biological Sex: Male
Type: Standard
Creation: MYO
Hatch Location: The Nook

Thirtee is a special one, all right. They figure that he was dropped on his head at birth He acts very childish, despite having such malevolent goals, like obtaining power, no matter how it's done. This wyngling is very emotional and communicates through screaming and whining more often then using actual words. Because of this, he has extreme difficulty making friends, whether it be other Wyngew or animals. The only way he thinks he can get attention is through troublemaking or being as nasty / violent as possible.

did I do that right
2/2 Wyn 

1: Bagel
oooo the first one is out kids, even after what, a 3 month delay? that was my fault, oops

anyway, I think the story is straightforward: they walk through a park, Thirtee spots a half-eaten bagel in the trash, and well, yeah.

the lineart was done by this lovely kid:

and the half-assed colouring and limited 'dialogue' was done by me.

Next: none (yet)

(note: there's no order to these, I'm just organizing them by creation date)
OC Spectrum Meme pt 2
and here's the other half
wow, i said i'd do this and I actually did?? this is rare

eyes are the window to the soul, apparently. mostly just a window of stylized pain tho

so i've been goofing around with different ways of drawing them eyes, and then WOOPs i drew a bunch of Justice character eyes.

name all the characters losers i dare you

Bootleg Crew
i originally made these guys as one-off characters for a Justice-based MAP part, but i named them, and then i got attached.
i call them bootleg crew because a lot of shows got side characters that sort of mimic protagonists. (beast example being ox ford, kilik, and kim from Soul Eater) anyhoo, names below are left to right

1: Peopeo 'Peo' Agnes, a skittish bomb engineer (and only character to date from North America)
2: Nadia Durand, a cartographer and hardworking mother.
3: Dedrik Hansen, ice mage and retired military strategist and solider.
4: Zahra Lemaire, an actually gentle cult member and shadow mage.
5: Qin Li Dao, powerful earth mage and personal guard for Gerel.
6: Gerel Batbayar, Mongolian Princess and.. bubble mage.

I kno im not even done my part like why am I advertising

but please, if you can animate digitally whatsoever, just, really consider joining this map??

  • Listening to: this song
  • Reading: the description of this vid
  • Watching: tHIS VIDEO
  • Playing: this video over and over
  • Eating: something that makes me homesick fam
  • Drinking: same as above


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